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Practice makes perfect

Our open training sessions are only available for signed-off aerialists to practice and skill share. These sessions are not taught classes and are unsupervised. You are responsible for your own warm up and safety. We recommend you buddy up with someone of similar level to practice together. You must NEVER train alone regardless of your level and experience.

We have a sign-off sheet which contains a list of moves for each aerial apparatus. To become successfully signed off, you will need to show that you can execute all the moves on the sign-off sheet safely and competently without instructions. Speak to your instructor if you would like to book a session or know more about getting signed off.


£8.00 per attendance - to be paid on the day


During opening hours on any days. As there will be classes and courses running at the same time, the rigging point and apparatus available may vary. Please visit our Signed-off only Facebook page if you have any questions.

Signed-off only open training: Feature
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