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Training at home

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Photo by Duncan Grisby

Our new students often ask teachers about training aerial at home or at their local gym.

We love that you are enthusiastic and passionate about aerial training! To progress faster and learn good habits, we recommend you do lots of core and upper body conditioning at home - talk to your teacher about exercises best suited for your needs! There are many you can do at home (without needing an aerial rig!) for the tricks you're learning, from straight leg inversions to toe hangs .

Before you venture into setting up your own aerial rig, make sure you have answered YES to every question in the following safety checklist:

✅ Do I have someone to train with?

We do not recommend training without coach supervision as a beginner, it's not safe.

While it might feel as if the teacher is simply showing you how to do stuff, there's so much more going on that you don’t see. Your teacher will be well aware of the sorts of mistakes students make and will head off a dangerous situation even before you actually get yourself into trouble. Often they will simply position themselves in a way that keeps you safe, or point out the seemingly small error that, if left uncorrected, will result in a twisted wrist, or with you landing on your head.

Training alone is not a good idea until you are an advanced aerialist. Once you’ve been training for a while, you’ll see why having supervision is so important - even during open training, we recommend that our seasoned students always train with a buddy.

✅ Can I rig safely?

A lot of work goes into ensuring an aerial rig and equipment are safe to use - ours are inspected on a 6 monthly basis, once by an external qualified company and once in-house by our qualified staff. The loading points are typically designed to endure at least 20x over the aerialists' weight! Simply attaching your favourite apparatus to a steal beam that was not inspected by a rigger will not keep you safe and may result in serious injury.

And please, please don't rig from a tree. They are incredibly unpredictable, and while there are ways to make it safer, they are not obvious unless you are a very experienced rigger. It doesn't matter that you are not intending to go high up as you can be just as badly hurt by a branch or the gear falling from above you. You can read more about it here.

If you want to rig at home, just about the only way to do it safely is to get a free-standing rig like this . We would be happy to recommend reliable vendors and riggers.

Do I have a crash mat?

Crash mats are important. As much as we like to think everything through, accidents happen - and a good crash mat might just make the difference between a couple of bruises and a trip to the A&E.

Stay safe, stay strong, do your conditioning! 😊

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