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Autumn Showcase - Call for Acts

Poster design by Rob Eager - Paper Butterfly Productions

Looking for performers!

Our Cambridge Community Circus- Annual Autumn Showcase will be held on

Saturday the 2nd of November

And the theme is:


Broad interpretations of the theme are most welcome! We have the classic Earth 🌿, Wind 💨, Water 💧 and Fire 🔥, also being exposed to the elements (storms ⛈, rain ☔️ , snow ❄️, etc 🌪) in terms of weather, and it is 150 years of the periodic table 👩‍🔬💫- so plenty of elements to choose from, like Gold 🥇👑, Titanium 💍⛓, Neon☄️💡, and more ☢️ 🌡💎🗝🎈!

CCC’s annual Autumn Showcase is a supportive and relaxed atmosphere where performers can invite their friends and family. We really encourage new people to sign up and try out performing, as well as collaboration and group acts! It’s a great reason to get practicing and gain more confidence in your favourite skills you’ve learnt at drop ins and courses.

Thank you to the church and to our behind-the-scenes & rigging team for volunteering yet again to make these events a happen!

We are giving first preference to people who have not performed at one of our shows this year (Kat’s leaving shows will not count) or those performing on an apparatus for the first time. You must be signed off on the apparatus- ask your teacher for help!

Your teachers, as well as the organisers (Moni, Masha, Rob, and Matthias) are happy to talk to people considering signing up, and do performer consultations during signed-off drop ins to help you create your act 😃

Submit your expressions of interest here:

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